Feeding Africa international foundation UK is a charitable grant giving foundation established in 1996 Nottingham United Kingdom under Registration N0.1258838 whereas Registration N0. For United States is 30-0905768 to encourage a stronger and fairer society. Since then we have granted over $128 million to registered Local NGOS, CBOs and charity organizations in the Europe and Africa at large. Feeding Africa international foundation UK was formed in 1996, by a group of professionals from various fields such as environmental studies, social work, public health, and engineering. The organization strives to promote and conserve the environment for the present and future generations. This it does by conducting environmental education programs, aimed at sustaining the livelihoods of the local communities in Europe and Africa at large.

Our Mission

We provide CASH & Material grants through CBO’s , Local NGO’s in any part of world by registering them as our members first at accost of $150 especially in Africa that contributes to economic development and well-being in a plural, rational and tolerant society. Our purpose is to support projects promoting reason, accountability, Shelter, Livelihood (Agricultural support), Mitigation, Wash and education and many more as per Humanitarian agency needed that will improve understanding, human rights, good governance and a stronger civil society. With regard to education our focus is particularly on low and middle income countries in Africa.

The Organisation

One of the principal recommendations of the gawash Conference in 2016 was to establish the Feeding Africa international foundation UK in order to address the stultifying conditions under which younger faculty members in the universities of developing countries were attempting to do research’. Feeding Africa international foundation UK was founded as a Research Council and registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in United Kingdom in 1996. Feeding Africa international foundation UK receives funding from a portfolio of donors and funders including development organisations and science academies. The annual budget is approximately USD 150 million. Feeding Africa international foundation UK has 135 Affiliated Organisations in 86 countries, mainly in the developing world. Feeding Africa international foundation UK has an international Board of Trustees. The Feeding Africa international foundation UK Secretariat is located in Nottingham, United King Dom.

Where We Work

Our Mission

We help in funding the project of Cases like Sexual, Gender Based Violence, Human Rights abuses and violations, Child labor, community and inter-tribal conflicts largely in African war tone countries through Community Empowerment for Progress Organization’s programs on Security sector reform, democracy and good governance, livelihood, peace and conflict mitigation, Men engaged for gender equality, Youth and leadership, public expenditure tracking, monitoring social audits and more needs to affected areas/persons.We live today in a world that faces many interlinked crises. The challenge before us is not only to provide sufficient food, water and energy (to a population that will peak at around 9 billion people by 2050) but also to ensure security of supply, at affordable cost and within acceptable limits of environmental change. Some of the greatest challenges are in the developing world where the scientists of tomorrow must secure their career in research today and to contribute to a global research community that is reducing poverty and supporting sustainable development. Our overall goal therefore, is that: ‘Young men and women scientists in developing countries conduct relevant and high quality research that is put it into use’