Feeding Africa international foundation UK acts for a fairer and more responsible world.

  • Feeding Africa international foundation UK is a UK, independent, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to improving living conditions and life prospects for vulnerable people across the world, while acting for a better balance between human activities and our environment.
  • The foundation also focuses on promising individuals to enable them to reach their full potential.
  • The foundation invests its resources wherever they may create incentives, leverage effects and sustainable impact.
  • Our Mission

    To support organizations working to enable people, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, to lead dignified, safe and fulfilling lives, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion and merit and/or working to limit the adverse impact of human activities on the environment.


  • Christian Values
  • Human Rights Protection
  • Equal opportunities for everyone
  • Advancement of women
  • Solidarity
  • Youth
  • Orphans and venerable group
  • Guidelines:

  • Focus on the most vulnerable people
  • Faith in the potential of every human being
  • Sustainability
  • Motivation>
  • Innovation